Today in the city Section 20.11.2017
OnePlus inadvertently left a Qualcomm app accessible on its phones that might let intruders in

A number of OnePlus users reported on the company's official forums that the firm has inadvertently left an app accessible on its phones that could potentially let intruders in, as first reported by E...

Newfound Earth-like exoplanet a good spot to hunt for aliens - CNET

Ross 128 b is a little farther away than Proxima b, the closest planet beyond our solar system, but it probably has better odds of being inhabitable.

If An Alzheimer's Drug Succeeds Could Our Health System Handle it?

Philanthropists such as Bill Gates are investing millions in Alzheimer's research. But a new study proposes that the U.S. healthcare system wouldn't have the bandwidth required to treat the influx of...

Turkey has completed its purchase of Russia's advanced missile system, and relations with NATO are still tense

Turkey says it has finalized a deal to buy Russia's advanced S-400 missile-defense system. Ankara also says it wants to work with NATO countries on defense projects. NATO leaders appear to be sending...

US exchanges are asking regulators to delay massive new system meant to make markets safer

US stock exchanges are asking the Securities and Exchange Commission to delay the implementation of a database that would provide better surveillance over the markets.  The so-called&nb...

Denver to build 'hyperloop-inspired' high-speed transport system

Arrivo and the Colorado Department of Transportation have announced plans to build a series of high-speed transportation routes.

How A Decaying Surface Transport System Is Endangering U.S. Security And Economic Strength

Long-neglected chokepoints in the U.S. surface transportation system could have catastrophic consequences for military and industrial mobilization in a national emergency.

Passive investing is a 'chaotic system' that could be dangerous, warns Robert Shiller

Robert Shiller sees potentially dangerous issues surrounding the growing popularity of index funds and ETFs.

Researchers Explore The Effects Of Section 8 Grants In Houston

A study looks at the effect of housing vouchers on criminal activity. People who receive Section 8 vouchers are more likely to be arrested for violent crimes, but this effect only shows up for men.

Improvements expected for nuclear missile system in Wyoming

The military is expected to spend between $4 billion and $5 billion over the next 10 to 20 years to modernize the intercontinental ballistic missile system at Wyoming's F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

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